Jesse Bru - Phychedellic Brain Paint

We’re anticipating seeing Vancouver artist Jesse Bru at New Forms Festival this coming weekend! He will be performing a live set at 10pm on Friday the 19th.

He released this fantastic deep house record on upstart Canadian label Heart to Heart last year, entitled the ‘Changing You’ EP. The sly B side cut ‘Phychedellic Brain Paint’ is a major highlight, with its crisp synth lines and impossibly soulful vocal chant. The label’s second release, from fellow Vancouver artist ESB, is also a formidable record, complete with a Vakula remix.

Young Braised - Life Is Good

Cool, collected urban music from Vancouver artist Young Braised. The very clever ‘Life is Good’ shows the rapper (Jaymes Bowman irl) in fine form with its buoyant, celebratory spirit. From his much acclaimed 1080p tape from last summer, 'Japanese Tendencies'. Amazing video treatment here by Will Wilkinson and Strawberry Jacuzzi.

Also, a very good opportunity to revisit the first single from the album— the timeless, exotic ballad 'Murakami'. Mr. Braised is set to perform at New Forms Festival on Thursday September 18. He’ll take the stage alongside visual artist Soledad Muñoz at 11:30pm, right before Stones Throw legend Madlib!

Arca - Thievery

Through his harsh Yeezus tracks, life-altering '&&&&' mixtape and icy FKA Twigs production, the hype surrounding NYC via Venezuela artist Arca is understandably justified. Enter the first track from his debut LP, the polar opposite of a letdown. ‘Thievery’ rides a seductive reggaeton-inspired glide while sharp glacial melodies circulate with abandon. This cut is from the debut Arca LP, ‘Xen’, set to drop November 3 on Mute Records. It looks to be one of 15 album tracks. Hotly anticipated!

Also getting set to witness Arca play at New Forms Festival in Vancouver next Saturday. He takes the Omnimax stage along with Total Freedom and visual artist Jesse Kanda at 7pm. 

Marquis Hawkes - Can’t Find A Reason

Bold and gloriously over-reaching house anthem from Marquis Hawkes, surprising but somehow fitting on Fabric’s Houndstooth imprint. A welcome turn towards brighter territory, the label has turned to Hawkes for this outstanding modern homage to classic vocal house. The sliced up and beautifully repeated chant never veers remotely towards tiresome, producing one of the most exciting tracks of the year so far. Also, notable are Hawkes’ myriad releases on Glasgow label Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. The exquisite 'Cabrini Green' EP  brought him into the light a couple years back.

From the forthcoming ‘Fifty Fathoms Deep’ EP, out soon on Houndstooth.

Healing Force Project - Strange Apparitions In My Recording Room (Hashman Deejay remix)

BH012. Ultra elevated euphoric rework from one of Mood Hut’s preeminent figures. Hashman Deejay laces this Healing Force Project track with a triumphant 2-step arrangement, the B side on a forthcoming 12” for Berceuse Heroique. Healing Force Project is the work of Italian artist Antonio Marini, and this will be his Berceuse Heroique debut following records on labels such as Acido.  

Check out the dark jazz inflected techno of the A side cut here.

Eli Muro - Orphan’s Son .ft Meghan Eliza

Really feeling this escapist, kaleidoscopic jaunt from multifaceted Vancouver artist Eli Muro. Exploring hip-hop inspired directions, Muro’s music is impeccably produced and deeply melodic. The stylish ‘Orphan’s Son’ gives off an infectiously positive mood, balancing crisp strings off a rich harp arrangement provided by fellow Vancouver artist Meghan Eliza. Things get real funky at the mid point, when a thick, textured bassline enters to carry the track home. The organic feel of this track makes it memorable though, giving it an almost cleansing quality. The perfect way to usher in the fall. It’s a nice progression from his Tides EP, a favourite from last year.

This one is from the ‘Dreamtime Hunter’ EP, which drops Tuesday on on Muro’s own Jellyfish Recordings imprint. Be sure to grab the free DL here too : )

Skeptical - Echo Dub

TEMPA092. Oh wow. Skeptical takes things deep with this utterly unstoppable new release on Pinch’s hallowed Tempa imprint. ‘Echo Dub’ is a monster rhythm, but its those sublime vocals that truly push this track over the edge. A real nice departure from the UK artists’ solid higher tempo productions

The Echo Dub / Chain Reaction 12” is out now on Tempa.

Call Super - Sulu Sekou (7” Version) 

Glossy, playful number from Berlin artist Call Super, more known for his obtuse techno explorations than minimal compositions. Through a series startlingly original dance 12”s on Houndstooth, he has built some serious momentum leading up to his debut album on the label next month.

'Sulu Sekou' billows along with naive warmth, conjuring nostalgic, contemplative feelings. Love those cool, reckless horns towards the tail end of the track! If this one is any indication, the album should explore more diverse, subdued directions not previously seen from the artist. Huerco S.’ ‘Colonial Patterns’ comes to mind here as a parallel progression. Call Super’s ‘Suzi Ecto’ LP is out September 15 on Houndstooth. 

The vibrant, kaleidoscopic accompanying video here is directed by Lydia Corry

Terekke - Yrlv

LIES-BLK-07. Uh… not much to be said here. Life affirming track from one of the most compelling artists on the most important label out there. Get close to your special someone for this one! ; )

From a forthcoming LIES black label release due next month.

Ñaka Ñaka - def def

BOP003. Serious business from NYC via Mexico City artist Ñaka Ñaka (aka Jeronimo Jimenez), the latest contributor to Opal Tapes vinyl series, following amazing albums from Cloudface and Patricia. The 'Mundo Harsh' LP  is a natural progression for the series, with six mostly percussion driven pieces of hypnotic dance music. ‘def def’ is especially memorable, evoking those timeless Terekke jams that we’ve all put on repeat for hours/days at a time (right?). Love those mind massaging rims and lush, buried synth lines.

Look forward to this one in the months to come. Also be sure to check out Ñaka Ñaka’s nuanced tape release from last year, Juan Pestañas’Opal Tapes upping their game considerably with these vinyl releases though!

Moiré - Attitude

WD011. Inspiring piece from London artist Moiré, taken from his debut album ‘Shelter’, released earlier this week on Werk Discs. The cavernous swing of lead track ‘Attitude’ nods heavily towards label don Actress, reflected in those beautifully placed open hihats. But its direct nature and bold, near-organic arrangement wouldn’t be out of place in the Tri Angle camp. Regardless, this track is special. It opens the album in slow, ominous style, while the rest of ‘Shelter’ veers more towards fragmented dance music

The ‘Shelter’ LP is out now on Werk Discs / Ninja Tune. Also check out Moiré’s fantastic recent contribution to the Resident Advisor mix series.

Mono/Poly - Ra Rise

BF046. Refreshing, laid (way) back new joint from California producer and Brainfeeder affiliate Mono/Poly. The glossy ‘Ra Rise’ hints at the confidence of an artist hitting his true potential. Things start off relaxed with a soft bassline in a bed of euphoric vocals. But the towering, electric synth line really pushes this track over the edge. Very nice seeing this forthcoming on Brainfeeder.

Mono/Poly’s ‘Golden Skies’ LP sees the light of day on August 25. Preview the album in its entirety here.

Panthera Krause - Rules 

LT007. Melt into this humid summer jam from German artist Panthera Krause, forthcoming Lobster Theremin, one of the most compelling labels out there. ‘Rules’ rides a classic, skeletal synth line into the sunset, with skittering percussion coaxing the listener to move his/her body. What a run from this label in under a year of existence. Still processing last months killer records from DAZE and Imre Kiss!

The ‘Rules’ EP is set to drop on August 29. Keep those eyes peeled ; )

FaltyDL - Nine

Real nice to hear some new material from FaltyDL. Following a pair of acclaimed LPs for Planet Mu ('Love is a Liability' and 'You Stand Uncertain'), Drew Lustman took his wares to Ninja Tune for the next stage in his compelling career. ‘In The Wild’ is his second album for the hallowed UK imprint, following last years 'Hardcourage'. The freeform hip-hop of Lustman’s newly inaugurated label, Blueberry Records, has not doubt had an influence on this new album, possibly his most varied and experimental yet.

'In The Wild' is entirely confident outside of classification, part of what makes FaltyDL so relevant. Consistently engaging and unpredictable, its 17 tracks stride stylistic boundaries with ease. The syncopated lurch of 'Nine' is an early highlight. Preview the rest of the album here. Another major (and humble) statement from a true artist.

'In The Wild' is out now.

Jordan GCZ - Digitalis EP

FT023. 1/2 of acclaimed experimental duo Juju & Jordash, Jordan Czamanski (aka Jordan GCZ) comes correct with this bold, exploratory new 12” on vital DC imprint Future Times. ‘Swingonoguitaro’ casts the record off in style with cascading guitars and an elevated bassline. Dance music for minds open. Time slows for B-Side tracks ‘Fusionfuk’ and ‘Digitalis’, taking the walls off this one with their loose and expansive leanings. FT heads Max D and Mondo have their ears way open here. This one is sounding like an intriguing record on an always progressive label

We had the pleasure of catching Juju & Jordash a couple months back in Vancouver. Their live act is truly something special :)