D. Tiffany - Clonz

Following the wonderfully endearing compositions found on her debut release for 1080p, Vancouver artist D. Tiffany turns to upstart UK label Cacao for her next instalment of exploratory productions. The 'Smudge' cassette retains a bright, almost-playful feel until 'Deep In The Trees' takes things deeper. The profoundly murky 'Clonz' follows, capping off the release. It's one for mystic dancefloors, with those energetic, buried synth lines really carrying things forward. Could zone out to this for a good while! Wouldn't be surprised to see a D. Tiffany 12” in the near future with killer dance tracks like this one. 

Buy the cassette here. Free downloads of this release are also available, so you have no excuse!

Hodge - Flashback

HOTLINE005. Hotline back in action with Hodge, who is fresh off an unreal 12” on Livity Sound sublabel Dnuos Ytivil. The glimmering energy of ‘Flashback’ makes this one a must buy. This track will no doubt whip audiences into a frenzy. Also be sure to check out the stomping A side cut ‘Mind Games’. This 12” should further cement Hodge as one of the most intriguing artists out there. It’s a nice follow-up to some great records for the label by artists such as Commodo and DJ Sotofett. Hotline releases records quite seldomly, so when they do it’s always memorable. Can’t wait to get this one in the mail!

The very nice accompanying video is by Max Pearce, C26 & Camila Carrillo.

Mind Dynamics - Khaki Makeout

The wonderfully engaging ‘Active Supply’ is the latest cassette release from Brooklyn sound artists Mind Dynamics. A decidedly organic feel permeates the album, which showcases some amazing obtuse drum patterns. Tame by album standards, ‘Khaki Makeout’ is a highlight. It starts out with an assault of scattered textures before descending into a wash of static hum. Wish this track was longer!

We were thoroughly disoriented by their well-crafted ‘Precision Instruments' tape for the 1080p label last year. Their self-released 'After-Sport' is also a hidden gem. It’s available free.

The ‘Active Supply’ cassette is out today on Digitalis. You can also now stream it here.

Annanan - Lyser EP

FP006. Been waiting for this one. Montreal imprint Forbidden Planet returns with what could be their most well-realized release yet, a 3-tracker from the mysterious Annanan. The commanding lead track ‘124’ sets the tone beautifully, a confident stomp set within lush but haunting string arrangements. The appropriately titled ‘ACIDz x2’ follows. It might be the highlight, with a kick that could snap bones. The spacious groove of ‘Satin’ rounds out the record in style. Love those smooth rides. All three tracks here hold considerable weight and will no doubt get people moving deep into the night. This is the sound of a label hitting its stride. So great to see a Canadian label putting out techno of this calibre.

Annanan’s ‘Lyser’ EP is in stores this month. It’s a serious release, and sleeping on it is not recommended! : )


LTNC004. Through a combination of sleek design work and impeccable curation, French label Latency has entered dance music’s collective consciousness with considerable style. After three fantastic releases from Innerspace Halflife, Joey Anderson and Even Tuell, the label looks toward the album format. Mura Oka’s 'Auftakt' is the first LP released on the imprint, and appropriately explores a more expansive sonic palette. The blissful yet unnerving ambience of ‘C2’ provides a compelling introduction to the effort. Can’t wait to own this LP.

For further listening check out this Juno Plus podcast from label dons Sidney Gerard and Suleiman Said. Mura Oka is composed of Gerard and Louis Vial.

Ekranoplan - Coil

AC006. Hyped record forthcoming on Glaswegian imprint All Caps. The mysterious Ekranoplan, named after a monolithic Soviet ground effect vehicle, follows a pair of deeply vibrational records from DJ Guy and Bluntman Deejay. The electric groove of ‘Coil’ brings it all to the table stylistically, while maintaining a decidedly playful undertone. The track made an appearance on Ben UFO’s Essential Mix. It’s lifted from the Wing-In-Surface-Effect EP, set to drop October 9.

Last week Ekranoplan was revealed to comprise of Kowton and Julio Bashmore. The artists are seen here casually sipping tea > > > www.groundeffect.info.

Lnrdcroy - Sunrise Market (Extended Mix)

ROTP001-PR. Local record shop Pacific Rhythm enters the label game in style with an eclectic collection of Vancouver dance music: 'Rhythms of the Pacific Volume 1'. The record provides an enlightening glimpse of our city’s artistry and should keep us quite warm over the winter months! The elevated glide of A-side track ‘Sunrise Market (Extended Mix)’ expands upon a favourite from Lnrdcroy’s celebrated recent 1080p release, ‘Much Less Normal’. Could hear this one on repeat for a very long time. Then we have the up-and-down moodiness of A2 track ‘Time Zone (Mix Two)’. It brings an attitude that serious dancers will surely feel.

These tracks are accompanied by some rougher, textured cuts from Mood Hut affiliates Cloudface and Hashman Deejay on the flip side, making for a nicely varied release. The record drops October 20. Keep the eyes peeled for this one. ( :

A1 Lnrdcroy - Sunrise Market (Extended Version)                                       

A2 Lnrdcroy - Time Zone (Mix Two)                                                                

B1 Memory Man - Memory Man (Hashman Deejay Libra Dub)                      

B2 Cloudface - Panter Bleu 

CYPHR - Sirena

HER008. Major new release of exploratory bass music from Her Records out of South London. Through their trim, focused collection of artists, the imprint has put forth some a nice array of blistering, forward-thinking club music, most notably from label co-boss Sudanim

CYPHR’s 'Ekleipsis' EP dropped yesterday though, and the sleek, kinetic grime of lead track ‘Sirena’ really goes in. Following an intro shrouded in glitzy strings, it descends into heavy slabs of relentless, muscular rhythms that never become overbearing, always retaining their sense of space. It’s a well-realized apex of current grime trends. Keep an eye on Her Records.

Objekt - Second Witness

PAN60. The debut Objekt LP on PAN. Oh man. Hearing those two entities in the same sentence was complete madness. ‘Flatland’ will arrive late next month and will no doubt we will all have our minds blown. Everything that TJ Hertz has released as Objekt over the past few years has exceeded expectations. ‘Tinderbox’, ‘Cactus’ and the most recent ‘Ganzfeld’ are just some highlights from his perfectly trim discography.

The warped g-funk of ‘Second Witness’ is our first glimpse of the album. Some potential parallels between this one and Call Super’s recent Suzi Ecto LP. Like that album, we could be witness to a more explorational side of an artist most known for blistering 12”s.  ’Flatland’ is out October 20 on PAN.

NFF14 | Vancouver, BC | September 18-21, 2014
Vancouver’s New Forms Festival (NFF) entered its 14th edition by setting the bar ever so high with its bold, ambitious venue selection: a weekend at Science World. Impeccably curated, the trim, focused lineup allowed all involved artists to take centre stage. ‘The entire weekend’ was a common response to the question of who one was anxious to see. Adding to the experience, within the undercurrent of NFF there always lies a well realized exhibition of visual art and design. A rich collection of Vancouver media artists contributed vibrant animations serving as the backdrop for those wandering the event. The design work for this years event was done by local firm Post Projects.
The late night events, taking place on a pair of stages inside the Science World complex, provided many of the major highlights. The opening night, featuring Inga Copeland, Young Braised and Dam-Funk, provided a nicely varied introduction to the event. No one sounds like Inga Copeland, as anyone lucky enough to witness her live set can attest. Frenetic and disconcerting, her voyage of experimental rhythms entranced. Dam-Funk landed in Vancouver with a spirited live performance replacing Madlib. His dance party was an uplifting introduction to the weekend.
Friday’s program began with two of Vancouver’s brightest talents taking the main stage. 1080p and Forbidden Planet artist Lnrdcroy coaxed the night in with euphoric ambience and lush IDM rhythms. Cloudface brought vibes from the Hut with an elevated and beautifully engaging live performance of deep reaching grooves. His set could have lasted forever and no one in attendance would have minded. The North American debut of Golden Pudel resident Helena Hauff was the toast of the night though, delivering a visceral performance with her unique blend of rough electro overprinted by wonderfully disconcerting melodies. No one was left standing still. She was the shining example of a perfectly landed, world class booking by the NFF crew. From then on the crowd was locked in the zone for the harsh, innovative live sets of Jared Wilson and Hieroglyphic Being.
The 2nd floor program on Saturday could have been the highlight of the entire weekend. Bass was the focus, playing on Vancouver’s rich dnb roots. Local artist 22:22 set the tone nicely with a brooding opening set of modern dubstep explorations. From midnight onwards the crowd was treated to powerful sets from a world class crop of UK talent. Visionist came with a serious selection, bringing a relentless set of grime hybrids. Keysound artist Wen followed, bringing a set pivoted towards jungle rhythms and use of space. The crowd reached a fever pitch at this point, carrying through to Scratcha DVA, Hyperdub’s prime selector. The visuals for the night, provided by Jonny Ostrem, were so outstanding that one could have been forgiven for losing focus on the music. Ostrem tied the night together perfectly with his amorphous, textured imagery.
The immensity of the OmniMax theatre performances set the tone in style each night. Friday night saw the profound panelled imagery of Stan VanDerBeek providing gorgeous visual accompaniment to the towering electronics of Sinoia Caves and synth pioneer Morton Subotnick. Clinker was one of the surprises of the weekend, beginning Friday night with the subtle, poignant patterns of ‘Frequency Painting’.  Veteran pairing Murcof and AntiVJs delivered potentially the most moving piece of the festival on Friday. Anyone lucky to have witnessed this act surely left inspired and impossibly content. Arca and Jesse Kanda left something to be desired on the Saturday night though, lacking the artistic depth one might have expected given their recent output. But this was a very minor misstep in an otherwise enthralling theatre program. 
New Forms Festival truly is a vital perennial document of both Vancouver’s sonic relevance and it’s warm, inviting artistic community. The 2014 edition only cemented that fact. All class, NFF has quietly become a West Coast institution with its well orchestrated regard for both sonic artistry and the frontiers of dance music. It always provides a well realized glimpse of the state of global underground dance music and a window in time for the Vancouver scene. Organizers truly outdid themselves this year. Already looking forward to September 2015.