Ñaka Ñaka - def def

BOP003. Serious business from NYC via Mexico City artist Ñaka Ñaka (aka Jeronimo Jimenez), the latest contributor to Opal Tapes vinyl series, following amazing albums from Cloudface and Patricia. The 'Mundo Harsh' LP  is a natural progression for the series, with six mostly percussion driven pieces of hypnotic dance music. ‘def def’ is especially memorable, evoking those timeless Terekke jams that we’ve all put on repeat for hours/days at a time (right?). Love those mind massaging rims and lush, buried synth lines.

Look forward to this one in the months to come. Also be sure to check out Ñaka Ñaka’s nuanced tape release from last year, Juan Pestañas’Opal Tapes upping their game considerably with these vinyl releases though!

Moiré - Attitude

WD011. Inspiring piece from London artist Moiré, taken from his debut album ‘Shelter’, released earlier this week on Werk Discs. The cavernous swing of lead track ‘Attitude’ nods heavily towards label don Actress, reflected in those beautifully placed open hihats. But its direct nature and bold, near-organic arrangement wouldn’t be out of place in the Tri Angle camp. Regardless, this track is special. It opens the album in slow, ominous style, while the rest of ‘Shelter’ veers more towards fragmented dance music

The ‘Shelter’ LP is out now on Werk Discs / Ninja Tune. Also check out Moiré’s fantastic recent contribution to the Resident Advisor mix series.

Mono/Poly - Ra Rise

BF046. Refreshing, laid (way) back new joint from California producer and Brainfeeder affiliate Mono/Poly. The glossy ‘Ra Rise’ hints at the confidence of an artist hitting his true potential. Things start off relaxed with a soft bassline in a bed of euphoric vocals. But the towering, electric synth line really pushes this track over the edge. Very nice seeing this forthcoming on Brainfeeder.

Mono/Poly’s ‘Golden Skies’ LP sees the light of day on August 25. Preview the album in its entirety here.

Panthera Krause - Rules 

LT007. Melt into this humid summer jam from German artist Panthera Krause, forthcoming Lobster Theremin, one of the most compelling labels out there. ‘Rules’ rides a classic, skeletal synth line into the sunset, with skittering percussion coaxing the listener to move his/her body. What a run from this label in under a year of existence. Still processing last months killer records from DAZE and Imre Kiss!

The ‘Rules’ EP is set to drop on August 29. Keep those eyes peeled ; )

FaltyDL - Nine

Real nice to hear some new material from FaltyDL. Following a pair of acclaimed LPs for Planet Mu ('Love is a Liability' and 'You Stand Uncertain'), Drew Lustman took his wares to Ninja Tune for the next stage in his compelling career. ‘In The Wild’ is his second album for the hallowed UK imprint, following last years 'Hardcourage'. The freeform hip-hop of Lustman’s newly inaugurated label, Blueberry Records, has not doubt had an influence on this new album, possibly his most varied and experimental yet.

'In The Wild' is entirely confident outside of classification, part of what makes FaltyDL so relevant. Consistently engaging and unpredictable, its 17 tracks stride stylistic boundaries with ease. The syncopated lurch of 'Nine' is an early highlight. Preview the rest of the album here. Another major (and humble) statement from a true artist.

'In The Wild' is out now.

Jordan GCZ - Digitalis EP

FT023. 1/2 of acclaimed experimental duo Juju & Jordash, Jordan Czamanski (aka Jordan GCZ) comes correct with this bold, exploratory new 12” on vital DC imprint Future Times. ‘Swingonoguitaro’ casts the record off in style with cascading guitars and an elevated bassline. Dance music for minds open. Time slows for B-Side tracks ‘Fusionfuk’ and ‘Digitalis’, taking the walls off this one with their loose and expansive leanings. FT heads Max D and Mondo have their ears way open here. This one is sounding like an intriguing record on an always progressive label

We had the pleasure of catching Juju & Jordash a couple months back in Vancouver. Their live act is truly something special :)

Objekt - Ganzfeld

Never one to shy away from new directions, Objekt returns with this brain imploding electro cut opposite the legendary Gerald Donald of Dopplereffekt / Drexciya. ‘Ganzfeld’ showcases a towering hollow synth line driven along with breakneck snares and sinister acid flavour. A producer’s producer, Objekt’s versatility and detail oriented sound make him one of the most compelling artists out there. Highly anticipating the Dopplereffekt A-side as well.

The Hypnagogia 12” goes as follows. It’ll see release September 1 on Leisure System.

  1. Dopplereffekt – Delta Wave
  2. Objekt – Ganzfeld

Lee Gamble - Kali Wave

PAN stalwart Lee Gamble is set to deliver a pair of releases for Bill Kouligas’ label, beginning this month with the Kuang EP, from which the slowed jungle of ‘Kali Wave’ is the lead track. Seemingly more direct and percussion laden than his previous work for the label (his pair of already classic 2012 releases, Dutch Tvashar Plumes and Diversions 1994-1996) this new material remains focused on the deconstruction of dance music and exploring its fringes. 

Kuang will be followed by a 2 x LP in September, entitled KOCH. As Gamble has described to Resident Advisor, it will feature “a sound that doesn’t rely on a more obviously efficient sonicity but also connects in larger spaces and speaker systems.” These two releases are anticipated to say the least, as Gamble and the label he represents form one of the most unique and fascinating connections in both modern electronic music and sound design.

Buntman Deejay - Astat (real)

AC005. Deeply vibrational new release from the blunted alter ego of Vancouver artist and Mood Hut affiliate House of Doors. The ‘Esoteric (Real)’ 12” was released last week on Glasgow label All Caps, helmed by talented selector Bake. This release follows enthralling, explorative dancefloor bombs from the likes of Kowton and DJ Guy

B Side ‘Astat (real)’ hits deceptively hard with a curious, improvisational flavour and thick kick drum. It comes on the heels of smoothed out Mood Hut haze of lead track ‘Esoteric Communion’. Essential record on an impressive label.

Lowtec - Untitled B1

WORKSHOP 20. Kassem Mosse’s Workshop 19 LP was such a game changing record that it was pretty difficult envisioning a follow up on the ever-important Berlin techno imprint. Every aspect of the label emanates class, from the impeccable curation to the brilliantly minimal art direction to the unassuming untitled tracks. That leads us to this sleek new release by Workshop co-boss Lowtec (aka Jens Kuhn), his third release for the label, following Workshop 01 and 06. 

Three uncompromising, lateral cuts of hybrid techno comprise this new 12”. B1 might be the most direct, with its saturated lumbering kick drum and wandering IDM leads. This record is available now.

H. S. - B1

PRB006. NYC via Kansas City artist Huerco S makes his return to Anthony Naples’ Proibito imprint, following the melted dance of last years killer Royal Crown of Sweden record. The A Verdigris Reader EP and its four untitled tracks come on the heels of a pair of compelling efforts for the label from Austin Cesear and Hank Jackson.

The obtusely anthemic ‘B1’ is vaguely reminiscent of the tense funk of 'Cercy', off Huerco S.’s Future Times 12”. The track gallops along in its own roundabout way amid searing synth lines, with silky strings entering to take it home. The menacing, alien bassline sounds on the verge of collapsing in on itself, and gives this one an atmosphere that is purely Huerco S.

This record is now available online here.

Evy Jane - Worry Heart

Stunning new track from recent Ninja Tune signees Evy Jane, the duo consisting of Vancouver artists Evelyn Jane Mason and Jeremiah Klein. Evy Jane’s sound tends to occupy brighter frequencies than likeminded contemporary groups such as HTRK. ‘Worry Heart’ highlights Mason’s airy vocals and Klein’s spacious and unorthodox production style. Together they make for a wonderfully compelling listen.

Also worth revisiting is the duo’s breakthrough single from 2012 'Sayso'. Big things are sure to come from these two under the wing of Ninja Tune.

Project Pablo - Instant Coffee

HYB016. Rough n tumble, acid-inflected dance anthem from Vancouver artist Project Pablo (aka Patrick Holland). ‘Instant Coffee’ is driven by an immense kick and a killer repetitive hook, gaining momentum with stylish breakdowns. Previously 8prn, the producer has opted for his current moniker to pursue a more dance oriented path. ‘Instant Coffee’ is the B side cut from the 'Utensils' 12”, out August 7 on Hybridity Music. Lead tracks ‘Blender’ and ‘Fork’ explore brighter, more soulful directions. This release follows the digital only 'Basic' EP.

Video by Hurfyd.

Cloudface - Bobok

BOP002. On the heels of Patricia’s already canonized ‘Body Issues’ LP comes the second vinyl release on the vaunted Opal Tapes. Next turning to Vancouver hardware don Cloudface (née David Reynolds) Black Opal have made a stunning choice. Affiliated with Mood Hut, Reynolds has released two perfectly realized records in the past year— the Devonian Garden and Wyre Drive EPs, put out on Mood Hut and Going Good, respectively. Both releases highlighted the artist’s beautifully nuanced and detail oriented dance music, with a deep attachment to melody.

Seven wonderfully cohesive tracks span 'Untitled'. The slow house of opening track ‘Coffee’ sets the tone in style. The airy stasis jam ‘Bobok’ follows, with its subtle acid stabs accenting hypnotic lo-fi pads. Other highlights include the emotive trance of ‘Let Gone’ and the weightless, oscillating groove of ‘On None’. All in all ‘Untitled’ fits remarkably well into the Opal Tapes fold, alongside label artists HOLOVR, Huerco S. and 1991. The vinyl is beautifully packaged, and can be purchased here. Opal Tapes has recently announced a pivot towards vinyl, so be on the lookout for more forthcoming Black Opal releases. : )

Cloudface is also set to perform at this years New Forms Festival.

Taal Mala - White Label Renegade

MM004. In the wake of impressive releases from West Coast artists Sanctums, Michael Red and Monolithium, Modern Math breaks into the vinyl realm in style with this killer 12” from Vancouver artist and Undone neighbour ;) Taal Mala. Uniquely bold, ‘White Label Renegade’ perfectly harnesses the frenetic energy present in his varied DJ sets. Raucous pitched vocals cut through punishing kick drums while a slowed bass rhythm grounds the track beautifully. Classification is pretty unimportant here, and Taal Mala is completely at home on his own plane of dance music, much like artists such as Tessela. Overall, ‘White Label Renegade’ is a nicely focused, immediate statement, lending much excitement to Taal Mala’s trajectory. Grenier on the remix here too, so make sure you grab the vinyl. Limited copies!

The track is also available as a free download from XLR8R.