Damn Miley you got worked! 16yr old Kaelin Ellis makes a meaty meal out of Mileys “wrecking Ball”. He takes that bass line for a walk! ..and walks it all the fuck over you for hating the track before you listened to it,  just cause its was Miley Cyrus remix. 

Littered with wavy melodies and  jazzy flylo-esque rhythms, the young producers Soundcloud is worth vacationing too. Download this and other tracks free..

Dizzee Rascal - I Don’t Need A Reason

Video of the year!!!!  Welcome back Dizzee! 

Directed by Emile Sornin

"HIGH score!"

Sometimes I work as a geophysical survey assistant. Hiking from peak to valley to peak trying to complete tasks can feel a lot like a video game. - Level 1: Forest. Boss: swamp. Levels always need a good sound track! Big Rooms, released as a part of this years Lost Dubs Of Denmark Birthday Compilation, was the soundtrack to more then a couple levels but slayed sunrise, early morning forest hikes! Level 1.

You should grab Unkwon’s latest EP, Fractures. Free from Aural sects Here!

Gorgeous remix from M. Constant. Previously released last year as two volumes, producer Devonwho’s Perfect Strangers LP will be rereleased tomorrow. Portland label Dropping Gems has packaged it up with some wicked new remixes.

Check out the whole LP here.

Hometape - Hey There

Hometape aka Anthony Ing. Off the redtube album.

The album is created entirely using samples from the biggest online porn website in the world, REDTUBE! Its brilliant and eery as fuck! Ima go take a shower.

Nice interview with the artist via Wonderland Magazine

Tender lil’ remix from Vancouvers Kline. Kline is a member of the Chapel Sound crew and also co runs Secret City. You can download this and other free Kline tracks here.

(Source: soundcloud.com)

Blackedout - You Don’t Understand

Cop the album for free HERE.

Mosey slays! His soundcloud is riddled with post-able tracks. He produced Sippin on Sapporo ft. Young Braised. You should know that track! If you don’t…Know it! Both Mosey and Braised are Vancouver! 

Stole this from the most recent Headspace mix. Mix is full of gems!! Headspace is also Vancouver!

Mr. Carmack x Arnold - Muney (Gimme That) (LOUDPVCK Edit) 


Cloud Boat - Youthern (fLako Remix)

Beautiful track. This remix is stripped down. Pure pure. Simple, effective, dope!