Ondo Fudd - Harbour

Funky, textured house experiments from Ondo Fudd. Off the Coup D’Etat EP, the latest essential release from the Trilogy Tapes. Love that retro-flavoured saw bass. Not really sure who Ondo Fudd is, by the way.

Route 8 - Memory Disorders

Classy video from upstart Greek label Nous Disques. Grainy textures with nice pace and attention to melody. A sort of working man’s house music. The stacked rimshots really give this track motion. Route 8 is a DJ/producer from Hungary. This one is from the Eleda EP, out this week on vinyl.

Listen to the rest of the Route 8 EP  here. The rest of Nous’ videos are also well worth watching.

Heatsick - Re-Engineering

'Modern rubbish is still life'. Everything here is so charming and weird at the same time. Both nostalgic and futuristic at once. The video is comprised of vibrant, rotating flowers beside our monotone host. Love the spoken word poetry amidst the cascading Casio synth lines in this track. The video perfectly encapsulates the feeling conjured up by Steven Warwick’s disjointed tape music compositions. From the excellent Re-Engineering LP, released last fall on PAN. His previous releases on PAN are also great.

Thug Entrancer - Death After Life

This video is unreal. So many ideas contained here. Love the retro-futurist vibes. Perfectly compliments the hypnotic music made by Denver’s Thug Entrancer. From the album ‘Death After Life’, out this week on Daniel Lopatin’s Software Recordings label. 

Pender Street Steppers - Openin’ Up

Summer vibrations in these 8 minutes of tropical rhythms from the Pender Street Steppers. This is one to melt into— can’t get enough of those gentle subdued vocal stabs and lush pads. PSS are part of Mood Hut, purveyors of warm electronics here in Vancouver. Recently they have branched out to D.C. labels Future Times and PPU, which ‘Openin’ Up’ is released on. Mood Hut also held Vancouver’s first Boiler Room session last week. Make sure you grab a vinyl copy, cause they’ll be gone soon ;)

Rainer Veil - Negative Space

From the ‘New Brutalism’ EP, out now on Andy Stott’s wonderfully curated Modern Love label. The EP explores the deconstruction of rave/club sounds, filtered through memory. A combination of sorts between Lee Gamble’s experimentalism and the more bass heavy percussion of Shackleton. The late night stroll of ‘Negative Space’ is a particular highlight. Love the wobble on this track. Check out the whole release here.

AT/NU - Shift

Love the half time drum n bass of this subdued track. It creeps along but would still feel appropriate on the dance floor. AT/NU is Montreal’s Igor Ivanov and Sami Blanco. Ivanov’s solo project, Window, is also worth checking out. Get the free download of this track here. From the Psi Grove tape, out February 11 on 1080p. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

AWE - Crystals

This track has been hugely tipped since last summer when Plastician played it out on his radio show. Now it’s finally getting release on Terrorhythm (Plastician’s label). This track is massive in every sense of the word. Maximalist, euphoric and reckless, like the best of Rustie’s music. The sheer audacity of it is striking. This one will be everywhere in no time.

Graze - Airror

The latest video instalment from the Edges LP, released in December on New Kanada Recordings. Everything we’ve seen from Graze so far has been top notch. As per usual, stunning visuals from DSMV.

Holly Herndon - Chorus

This video (Dir. Akihiko Taniguchi - http://okikata.org/) is a beautiful and disorienting examination of the modern musician’s creative process. The lush, cascading vocals on this track ebb and flow from improvisational passages to dancefloor leanings.

From the Chorus 12”, out today on the always compelling Brooklyn label RVNG Intl. Herndon’s previous release, 2012’s Movement LP, was a really interesting foray into experimental, vocal-driven electronics. 

Galcher Lustwerk - Leisure

The track title describes the vibe here perfectly. This tune dropped last summer, and its unapologetically brilliant. Lustwerk’s voice makes this track- that simple monotone chant. From WM003, the third release on NY label White Material, began by DJ’s Young Male and DJ Richard. Theres alot of hype around this label right now, and for good reason. Only 200 records were initially pressed, and there is word that another pressing will follow this year. 100% Galcher, the artists breakout mix, is also essential listening. So laid back.

Kangding Ray - History of Obscurity

This video is a very cerebral experience. Unsettling and soothing at the same time. The fade outs in particular are so well done. It perfectly compliments the tribal techno of this Kangding Ray track. From Solens Arc, the composers fourth LP for the boundary pushing Raster Noton label. The album drops February 28th.

Pender Street Steppers - MH004

Great new release from Vancouver label/crew Mood Hut, who have been making major waves of late, with releases on prominent labels such as Future Times, PPU and Proibito. Their sound has crystallized as a particularly positive, uplifting brand of organic house music, with emphasis on their crew. This record is the labels fourth, after about a year of tape releases. Pender Street Steppers are also coming off a performance at last years New Forms Festival. Third track ‘Temple Walk’ sounds particularly great here. This one will be ‘comin’ out valentines day on round disc format’.

Nils Frahm - Says

Beautifully meditative piano track by Nils Frahm, from the ‘Spaces’ LP, released last fall on Erased Tapes. Video by Romain Assénat & Ana Silva. ‘Improvisation with inks on glass and a video-feedback device, captured live without any post-production.’

Peverelist - Roll With The Punches

Bristol’s Livity Sound crew, composed of Kowton, Asusu and Peverelist, had a great 2013, culminating with the release of the Livity Sound compilation LP. The three artists have developed quite a unique take on modern techno, grime and bass music. Peverelist has been quite prominent in the UK bass scene for years, releasing great 12”s on Hessle Audio, Tectonic and on his own label, Punch Drunk Records. ‘Roll With the Punches’ is a classic, moody tune from 2007.

This amazing track was brought back to our attention by this hilarious Harry Potter clip.