Imre Kiss - Raw Energy EP

LT006. Hungarian sound artist Imre Kiss elevates from the patchwork passages of his beautifully textured Midnight Wave cassette tape on Farbwechsel to land within the Lobster Theremin camp for his first vinyl release. The Raw Energy EP delivers an inspired versatility characteristic of truly memorable records. ’Stellar 0102’ launches the journey in a wash of ambience before a saturated, disjointed kick gets things going. The frenetic, maximal euphoria of electro inflected tracks like ‘Non’ and ‘Raw Energy (ARPOS Session)’ would be completely at home on labels such as Pinkman or Forbidden Planet. In contrast, 'Spellbound' strides through confidently, a low lying mid-weighted house jam. 'Belief' leads out the release, coaxing the listener into a gentle stasis with a haunting looped vocal. Hopefully this record gets shipped out soon so we aren’t left hanging with these previews. ; )

Fennesz - The Liar

Christian Fennesz returns to the Mego label, home of his classic 2001 album Endless Summer. His latest, the ’Bécs’ LP, was released this past week. The immense lead track ‘The Liar’, is an awe-inspiring wall of textured guitars and white noise. The Austrian composers last two albums on Touch, Venice and The Black Sea are also essential listening.

Austin Cesear - 7HF9B.383348H.382753J

Hypnotic piece of subdued electronics from Oakland’s Austin Cesear, out soon on the always amazing Opal Tapes. The buried kick feels reminiscent of classic Gas. Cesear is coming off some real nice releases on the Proibito and Public Information labels. Opal Tapes just posted a few forthcoming releases here.

The Passenger - sometimes dreams can trick you

Chilled ambient soundscapes from Vancouver artist The Passenger. He had a great performance at last years New Forms Festival. Check out his most recent EP on More Than Human records here.

Rainer Veil - Negative Space

From the ‘New Brutalism’ EP, out now on Andy Stott’s wonderfully curated Modern Love label. The EP explores the deconstruction of rave/club sounds, filtered through memory. A combination of sorts between Lee Gamble’s experimentalism and the more bass heavy percussion of Shackleton. The late night stroll of ‘Negative Space’ is a particular highlight. Love the wobble on this track. Check out the whole release here.

Yüth - Scarlet 

There’s virtually nothing we can tell you about this producer other than he is one to watch! "Matter EP" is free and is crazy good! Definitely one of the best EPs we’ve had the privilege of being sent.  

Check out the rest of his tracks/videos via his site!

Nils Frahm - Says

Beautifully meditative piano track by Nils Frahm, from the ‘Spaces’ LP, released last fall on Erased Tapes. Video by Romain Assénat & Ana Silva. ‘Improvisation with inks on glass and a video-feedback device, captured live without any post-production.’

Out today on Kranky, Virgins is Tim Hecker’s seventh studio album, but the first recorded completely from live instrumentation. This element gives this ornate record added humanity and depth, a more dynamic canvas to which Hecker can distort, loop and decay. 

IVVVO - Darkness In My Soul

This track is unlike anything else. Out of nowhere the sinister undertones come to back the most triumphant dance breakdown. Beautiful track. Beautiful video. From the Future EP, released last month on the Public Information label.

1080p is a newly minted casette tape label out of Vancouver. Very cool lo-fi vibes. They’ve already released material from Heartbeat(s), one half of LOL Boys. This track is from the 2nd release that drops today. Great cause to dust off the old Sony Walkman ^__^

Check out the Heartbeat(s) release here.