Answer Code Request - Thermal Capacity

OSTLP017. From the 'Code' LP, the beautiful new record released yesterday on techno powerhouse Ostgut Ton. The most striking aspect of the work of Answer Code Request (Patrick Gräser in real life) is the versatility displayed throughout his tracks. He’s seems to be comfortable working within any sonic domain. Following a string of well received 12”s on Ostgut and Marcel Dettman Records comes this hotly anticipated LP.

Highlights include the menacing dub techno of 'Blue Russian' and the wonderfully introspective ambience of 'Odyssey Sequence'. And then theres the slowed dubstep of 'Relay Access', where glichy syncopated rhythm crawls along in a bed of emotive string melodies. But the gliding closer ‘Thermal Capacity’, with its bright pads and tight 2-step percussion might be the standout track. Overall, its just an amazing album.

Yüth - Scarlet 

There’s virtually nothing we can tell you about this producer other than he is one to watch! "Matter EP" is free and is crazy good! Definitely one of the best EPs we’ve had the privilege of being sent.  

Check out the rest of his tracks/videos via his site!

Rustie - Slasherr [Elaksi Remix]

This remix is real fresh. Bright and maximal, like the original, but the smooth hook sets it apart. That first drop is on repeat. Elaksi is a young producer from FInland. Should whet the appetite before Awe’s ‘Crystals’ track drops next week.

Gesaffelstein - Hate or Glory

Oh damn. Check out the menacing new track by Gesaffelstein. The french electronic producer was listed for a production credit on Kanye’s “Black Skinhead” off Yeezus earlier this year and he’s now offering up his own blown out bass banger. The song may dominate a headbangers dance floor but it’s the video that definitely steals the show here. What seemingly starts off as a tired old gang life premises eventually offers up its own unique twist. Video directed by Fleur & Manu. Must watch. 

Breach - Jack

The catchiest song of the year now has the craziest video of the year to go with it. Must watch! 

Oh this is nice. All the way from Brazil. From the Sleeping Dolls EP that dropped today on Time No Place Records.

Mosey slays! His soundcloud is riddled with post-able tracks. He produced Sippin on Sapporo ft. Young Braised. You should know that track! If you don’t…Know it! Both Mosey and Braised are Vancouver! 

Stole this from the most recent Headspace mix. Mix is full of gems!! Headspace is also Vancouver!

Taal Mala - Elegant Replica 

Van Love!


@ 10,000 likes Ta - Ku released some free jams!! :) 



Joy Orbison - Big Room Tech House DJ Tool - TIP!

This huge bass heavy track finally sees the light of day on the Nonplus label compilation. Only included on the vinyl edition, it samples this song by R&B singer Tevin Campbell.