Mr. Fingers - Can You Feel It

This foundational deep house track was (astonishingly) released back in 1986 on the ever influential Chicago label, Trax Records. We can’t get over how relevant it sounds today. Nothing but feel good vibes from that chunky bassline and bright string synth pads.  Also check out this great interview with Larry Heard for RBMA. So inspiring how humble he is.

Ajukaja & Andrevski - Rare Birds 

Elevated experimental house from UK label Levels. The cascading, detuned synth melodies and sharp claps highlight lead track ‘Rare Birds’. The track is complimented with this nostalgia tinged video. Check out the whole release here. The B-side cuts are also amazing. This follows up Levels 001 by Lord Tusk.

Monolithium - Motive

Nice, clean techno inspired roller from Victoria artist Monolithium. ‘Motive’ starts out with a subdued, syncopated shuffle, and gains pace into a blistering dancefloor killer. From MM003, the latest release from Calgary label Modern Math, following great EPs from Sanctums and Michael Red. Check out the rest of the EP here

Made for the deepest, darkest recesses of the club. From the Drone Logic LP, released this week on Phantasy Sound. Though immediately accessible, the album has a ton of depth to it. All around, its a sleek, sophisticated acid house record.

Lo-fi deep house banger from Vancouver’s Cloudface. From the Devonian Garden EP, the first release from the Mood Hut collective. Its now out on 12”.

Sunrise music.

Alex Burkat - Tarot

Wicked stop motion video. Awesome deep house tune on the 100% Silk label. <3

Wow. A track to get lost in tonight. To be released July 1 on the always amazing L.I.E.S. imprint. 

Sunny deep house cut by Outboxx. From their debut LP, released this week on the Idle Hands label.

Ghosts On Tape - Nature’s Law (Jus-Ed Remix)

Dub Techno with a house nod on this wicked track from the Icee Hot camp.

Doc Daneeka - Sunset to Neath

Deep house cut from the Sketches Of You EP, out now on 2020 Midnight Visions.