Heatsick - Re-Engineering

'Modern rubbish is still life'. Everything here is so charming and weird at the same time. Both nostalgic and futuristic at once. The video is comprised of vibrant, rotating flowers beside our monotone host. Love the spoken word poetry amidst the cascading Casio synth lines in this track. The video perfectly encapsulates the feeling conjured up by Steven Warwick’s disjointed tape music compositions. From the excellent Re-Engineering LP, released last fall on PAN. His previous releases on PAN are also great.

Holly Herndon - Chorus

This video (Dir. Akihiko Taniguchi - http://okikata.org/) is a beautiful and disorienting examination of the modern musician’s creative process. The lush, cascading vocals on this track ebb and flow from improvisational passages to dancefloor leanings.

From the Chorus 12”, out today on the always compelling Brooklyn label RVNG Intl. Herndon’s previous release, 2012’s Movement LP, was a really interesting foray into experimental, vocal-driven electronics. 

Kangding Ray - History of Obscurity

This video is a very cerebral experience. Unsettling and soothing at the same time. The fade outs in particular are so well done. It perfectly compliments the tribal techno of this Kangding Ray track. From Solens Arc, the composers fourth LP for the boundary pushing Raster Noton label. The album drops February 28th.

From OPA, an amazing release out this week on the consistently great Cleaning Tapes. Its full of really beautiful broken house experiments. Sort of like a darker John Roberts.

IVVVO - Darkness In My Soul

This track is unlike anything else. Out of nowhere the sinister undertones come to back the most triumphant dance breakdown. Beautiful track. Beautiful video. From the Future EP, released last month on the Public Information label.

Blissed out organic dreamscapes. From Helical Scans, an amazing compilation of fuzzed out, textural electronica from the Cleaning Tapes label. Huerco S is also on the release. Stream it here

∆ ∆ - The Cleansing

Gorgeous piece of music out now on the Fourth Wave label. Most of their releases weigh heavy on the organic side.

Zora Jones - Money Cat

:O …. From the upcoming Feathers EP, a compilation by the Pelican Fly label.

Lee Gamble - Coma Skank

Beautiful, hypnotic video of this track from the Dutch Tvashar Plumes LP, released in December on PAN recordings.

Yung Satan x Kloud - Hypergloss

Wavy vibes on this unconventional M|O|D x The Melt collab.