Imre Kiss - Raw Energy EP

LT006. Hungarian sound artist Imre Kiss elevates from the patchwork passages of his beautifully textured Midnight Wave cassette tape on Farbwechsel to land within the Lobster Theremin camp for his first vinyl release. The Raw Energy EP delivers an inspired versatility characteristic of truly memorable records. ’Stellar 0102’ launches the journey in a wash of ambience before a saturated, disjointed kick gets things going. The frenetic, maximal euphoria of electro inflected tracks like ‘Non’ and ‘Raw Energy (ARPOS Session)’ would be completely at home on labels such as Pinkman or Forbidden Planet. In contrast, 'Spellbound' strides through confidently, a low lying mid-weighted house jam. 'Belief' leads out the release, coaxing the listener into a gentle stasis with a haunting looped vocal. Hopefully this record gets shipped out soon so we aren’t left hanging with these previews. ; )

Khotin - Why Don’t We Talk

Enhance your day with these rich, colourful sounds from Edmonton artist Khotin, whose 'Hello World' cassette tape dropped this week on 1080p. Eight beautifully structured house tracks line the deeply melodic album, striking in its profound honesty. The delirious, immediately gratifying melody present in closing track ‘Why Don’t We Talk’ will no doubt remain in your consciousness long after listening. Now time to flip the tape.

Khotin (Dylan Khotin-Foote in real life) also runs the Normals Welcome label where he put out the outstanding 'Vitebsk'.

Talaboman - Sideral

Aptly named, Talaboman is a exciting collaborative project between John TalabotAlex Boman . Just announced, the release of their debut 12” Sideral is due out August 11th and includes a remix from Matt Karmil. The record pays tribute to the legendary DJ Aleix “Sideral” Vergés, who ruled over Barcelona’s underground discotecas during the turn of the millennium and sadly passed away in 2006. The single which first premiered in John Talabots DJ kicks mix of last year, exudes desert dance floor vibes. Pulsing bass juxtaposing organic percussive  beats, you can feel the groove taking hold before the the sun sets and the dust settles, and main synth line takes you into the night. Sticking with the true 50/50 collabrative theme the name implies, the album will be Released simultaneously on both Talabots label, Hivern Discs and Boman’s label, Studio Barnhus. 

Head High - Megatrap (Mix Mix)

PH505. Oh wow. Shed all of a sudden drops a new record under his Head High moniker and we lose our shit. Released with no warning last week on the artists own Power House label, the Megatrap EP brings nine new cuts of raw, percussive dance music. The wonderfully titled ‘(Mix Mix)’ of the title track is a definite highlight with its powerful kick and classic vocal flip. Things really get going after poignant ambience enters before a riveting breakdown. Shed, through his respect for tradition and beautiful production, shows his true artistry once again.

D. Tiffany - Chains

From the self-titled cassette by Nelson, BC artist D. Tiffany, released last week on Vancouver label 1080p. Steeped in a warm, inviting glow, the tape effortlessly maneuvers between wonderfully charming compositions. Gentle acid textures, and sublime falsetto vocal chops line ‘Chains’, amid a swirling, flexy lead synth pattern and a beautiful soft kick. The albums uplifting opening track, 'Tranq Moon' is another highlight. 1080p’s consistency is remarkable, especially considering its almost biweekly release rate.

Andrés - Second Time Around

LAVIDA002. Two now classic Andrés 12”s, released in 2012 on the artists own La Vida imprint, have gotten the repress treatment last month. Therefore, we figured it would be a good time to revisit them! The ‘Second Time Around’ EP has been overshadowed by the untouchable 'New For U' EP’s timeless lead track, however in many ways it’s the more enjoyable La Vida release. The title track track is particularly sublime, pairing an impossibly funky bassline with sparkling jazz synth work. The other two EP tracks make killer party tools. Lead track 'Skate This Way' is a masterful disco roller while 'Hart Plaza' is a soft groove backed by light horns. Hopefully the Detroit legend revamps the label sometime in the future.

If you slept in 2012 make sure you pick em up this time around! ; )

Bobby Draino - Bluey #7

ASW002. Vancouver artist Bobby Draino was responsible for some very compelling acid-inflected releases on 1080p and 100% Silk this past year. His latest release on Aussie label Adelaide Soundworks takes a more nuanced direction. This one follows up the energetic ASW001 from Dallas producer TX Connect. 

The three tracks that make up the Bluey #7 12” all lean towards amorphous, freeform house and techno. ‘Bluey #7’ starts the record off on an elevated tip, with its pillowy synth lines and swinging claps. Things really get going with ‘Hooped Dope (Club Mix)’, which sees syrupy pads ride out some killer rolling percussion. B-side ‘Live Jam (Jojo’s Blunt Session)’ is a raw exercise in blown-out hardware house, reminiscent of West Coast contemporaries Aquarian Foundation. 

This 12” is now available in online stores. Also be sure to check out this recent live jam from Draino (under his Journeymann alias) and Edmonton artist Khotin.

Youandewan - FM Jam (Andrés Remix)

Here we go. Not much needs to be said when Andrés brings new material. The Detroit artist is one of the most important out there. Most recently, both of his La Vida 12”s from 2012 are already certified classics. Unsurprisingly, this remix has a brightening effect on one’s day.

This impeccably smooth summer track is the B-side from UK producer Youandewan’s forthcoming 12” for Will Saul’s AUS imprint. The original goes a bit deeper. Check it out here.

Larry Heard - Flight of the Comet

Finally made available on vinyl, Larry Heard’s classic album of cosmic, elevated house gets the treatment it deserves. The odyssey that is ‘Alien’ was released back in 1996 on Black Market International. Its just been remastered and reissued on the artists own label, Alleviated Records. Get in the zone with the sublime jazz grooves of ‘Flight of the Comet’. Timeless music.

Listen to the album in full here.

Antenna - Rain And Thunder

PNKMN06. From the much hyped Odessa EP, released this week on Dutch label Pinkman Records. Now six releases deep, the label has put out some very inspired techno from the likes of Creta Kano, Myriadd and more. Here, Dutch artist Antenna brings three pieces of deep, uplifting grooves and retro flavour. ‘Rain and Thunder’ is a particularly dramatic, textured piece of dance music, balancing a new wave synth line with beautifully evolving percussive patterns.

Preview the rest of the release here.

House of Doors - The Dolphin Hotel Affair Vol. 1

MH005. House of Doors lifts off from his essential split 12” on Future Times to deliver this elevated fifth release for venerated Vancouver label Mood Hut. Building on very strong 12”s from Aquarian Foundation and Pender Street Steppers, this latest record emanates confidence that the label should rightly have at this point. Each Mood Hut release manages to look both back and forward in its own unique way, coming together to capture a sound that so nicely embodies West Coast lifestyle.

All three tracks here reach real deep, culminating with ’Moesha’, the hazed out, ‘Boy Is Mine’ sampling B side. A side ‘Filter Feelings’ gets things going on the floor with its moody bassline and grainy shakers. Final track ‘Frakincence’ evokes images of beach fires and crashing waves during memorable summer nights on the Pacific coast. This one will be given major summer rotation. Crucial release!

H.S. - A Verdigris Reader

PRB006. Forthcoming Proibito. The inimitable Huerco S returns to Anthony Naples’ imprint for four untitled exercises in low slung electronic mystery. Launching the label with a very strong 12” from his Royal Crown of Sweden alias, the now NYC-based producer continues Proibito’s hot streak with these patient hardware jams. Keep an eye out for this one because it probably won’t last long! Also be sure to check out this nice interview with the artist in Dummy Mag.

Leon Vynehall - Time

This beautiful track has been kicking around for minute now and we’re very excited its finally getting released. One of those tracks that just makes the world stop around you. Available in 12” format on June 6, exclusively as part of Will Saul’s DJ Kicks album. The tracklist looks unbelievable. Mr. Saul helms the always wonderfully curated AUS label.

Heartbeat(s) - Gina

Following the polished deep house of Sleepyhead’s Untitled EP, upstart Vancouver label and party night ASL Singles Club comes with their sixth release, this time from label co-founder Heartbeat(s). The Hopeless Romantic EP is a nicely varied release, containing four cuts of R&B influenced dance music. ‘Gina’ is a lush, exploratory house track, pairing a soulful pitched vocal loop with textured lo-fi percussion. This track really hits its stride when the vocals drop out into a muscular breakdown. From the Hopeless Romantic EP, which you can preview the rest of here.

Grenier x Archie Pelago - Swoon

From the forthcoming ‘Grenier Meets Archie Pelago’ LP, an intriguing collaboration between NY threepiece Archie Pelago and SF DJ/Producer Grenier. Archie Pelago released a great 12” on the Mister Saturday Night label in 2012, showcasing freeform, organic instrumentation, while maintaining a loose attention to the dancefloor. Grenier is coming off the Voids EP from last year, a real nice exploration of techno and bass music. 

'Swoon' is the gorgeous opening track, and should set the stage beautifully for the rest of the album with its rich string and flute arrangements. This album will be released on May 19th on Melodic Records.