Deep IDM textures from Victoria’s okpk. Beautifully layered with full analog sounds. From the ‘2010’ EP, released this week on Vancouver label Low Indigo. ~~~Download it here.

Michael Red brings detail to the forefront on MM002, the second release by Calgary label Modern Math. A balance of heavy, evolving percussion and deep synth undertones make this collection of tracks such an engaging listen. The cold IDM workings of track ‘No Smoke No Fire’ in particular stand out. This EP is out todayKeep an eye on this label. 

The newest Zomby album, ‘With Love’ drops tomorrow on 4AD.  It functions more like a cinematic beat tape. Controversies aside, this LP is filled with some unbelievable music. The bass on this track just pumps!

A more expansive and progressive sound this time around. Still, BoC on Warp. There’s always something comforting about that.

Seven years is a long time to wait. Tomorrow’s Harvest is now available online. Try here.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! June 10. Save that date.

Isolée - Allowance

Killer cut released last week on Pampa Records. Hints of the classic We Are Monster LP.

Karen Gwyer - Pikku-Kokki

Brain massage.

Objekt - Shuttered

Deep into the night. Objekt is 1 of a kind.

Ital Tek - The Flood

Future »

From the Hyper Real EP, out now on Civil Music.

Gold Panda - Casyam_59#02

From the Trust EP, out today on NoTown Recordings.