Objekt - Second Witness

PAN60. The debut Objekt LP on PAN. Oh man. Hearing those two entities in the same sentence was complete madness. ‘Flatland’ will arrive late next month and will no doubt we will all have our minds blown. Everything that TJ Hertz has released as Objekt over the past few years has exceeded expectations. ‘Tinderbox’, ‘Cactus’ and the most recent ‘Ganzfeld’ are just some highlights from his perfectly trim discography.

The warped g-funk of ‘Second Witness’ is our first glimpse of the album. Some potential parallels between this one and Call Super’s recent Suzi Ecto LP. Like that album, we could be witness to a more explorational side of an artist most known for blistering 12”s.  ’Flatland’ is out October 20 on PAN.

Objekt - Ganzfeld

Never one to shy away from new directions, Objekt returns with this brain imploding electro cut opposite the legendary Gerald Donald of Dopplereffekt / Drexciya. ‘Ganzfeld’ showcases a towering hollow synth line driven along with breakneck snares and sinister acid flavour. A producer’s producer, Objekt’s versatility and detail oriented sound make him one of the most compelling artists out there. Highly anticipating the Dopplereffekt A-side as well.

The Hypnagogia 12” goes as follows. It’ll see release September 1 on Leisure System.

  1. Dopplereffekt – Delta Wave
  2. Objekt – Ganzfeld

Objekt - Shuttered

Deep into the night. Objekt is 1 of a kind.

Objekt - Tinderbox

The most massive bass tune in recent memory.