Ekman – ≥0

TTT030. The 30th release in the vaunted Trilogy Tapes catalogue comes from Dutch artist Ekman, who is fresh off a pair of mind melting acid records on Berceuse Herioque.  ’≥0’ is built around an awe-inspiring clouded kick backed by fascinating, haunting strings easing in and out of the equation. This one is just begging to be played loud. It’s beguiling how these world class records just keep piling up for Will Bankhead’s imprint. Pick up the ‘Entropy’ 12” here.

For further listening check out this very nice mix from Ekman on the Digital Tsunami series.

Lowtec - Untitled B1

WORKSHOP 20. Kassem Mosse’s Workshop 19 LP was such a game changing record that it was pretty difficult envisioning a follow up on the ever-important Berlin techno imprint. Every aspect of the label emanates class, from the impeccable curation to the brilliantly minimal art direction to the unassuming untitled tracks. That leads us to this sleek new release by Workshop co-boss Lowtec (aka Jens Kuhn), his third release for the label, following Workshop 01 and 06. 

Three uncompromising, lateral cuts of hybrid techno comprise this new 12”. B1 might be the most direct, with its saturated lumbering kick drum and wandering IDM leads. This record is available now.

Manuel Gonzales & Ramon Ramirez - Blowout 

BH011. Killer new release forthcoming on shadowy UK imprint Berceuse Heroique. Specializing in limited run 12”s, the label has amassed an impressive string of raw techno records in the past year from the likes of and Gesloten Cirkel and Breaker 1 2. Here Detroit artist Manuel Gonzales (aka MGUN) opts to go by his given name alongside newcomer(?) Ramon Ramirez. The tense and oddly soothing ‘Blowout’ centres around a beautiful weighty kick amid elegant strings. The recent NGLY white label on LIES comes to mind here. Don’t sleep on this one.

Video by Dro Carey.

Mono Junk - Kime

FP004. Tense claustrophobic techno from veteran Finnish artist Mono Junk, the latest release on the wonderfully curated Montreal label Forbidden Planet. Following compelling releases from D’Marc Cantu, Breaker 1 2 and Boreal/Lnrdcroy, the label has established itself at the forefront of modern ambient techno, alongside labels like Pinkman and R-Zone. Both forward looking and very respectful of the past, the music and artwork emanate class.

Skittering, obtuse percussion darts in and out amid towering sirens and buzzing saw pads in ‘Kime’. From FP-004, in stores now.

Answer Code Request - Thermal Capacity

OSTLP017. From the 'Code' LP, the beautiful new record released yesterday on techno powerhouse Ostgut Ton. The most striking aspect of the work of Answer Code Request (Patrick Gräser in real life) is the versatility displayed throughout his tracks. He’s seems to be comfortable working within any sonic domain. Following a string of well received 12”s on Ostgut and Marcel Dettman Records comes this hotly anticipated LP.

Highlights include the menacing dub techno of 'Blue Russian' and the wonderfully introspective ambience of 'Odyssey Sequence'. And then theres the slowed dubstep of 'Relay Access', where glichy syncopated rhythm crawls along in a bed of emotive string melodies. But the gliding closer ‘Thermal Capacity’, with its bright pads and tight 2-step percussion might be the standout track. Overall, its just an amazing album.

Voiski - Wax Fashion

LIES049. Proper Voiski release, forthcoming on Ron Morelli’s vaunted label. The Parisian artist became known for his previous foray into the LIES universe with the varied IAI Movement EP from last fall. His releases prior to that also exhibited some nicely varied ambient techno. ‘Wax Fashion’ is an epic 10 minute belter. Atmospheric and evolving, the track rolls patiently, floating effortlessly between techno and electro influenced drum patterns. The central section, with its mesmerizing arpeggiated synth work, could be the highlight. From the ‘Culture to Trash’ EP, out June 15. Look out for this one.

Antenna - Rain And Thunder

PNKMN06. From the much hyped Odessa EP, released this week on Dutch label Pinkman Records. Now six releases deep, the label has put out some very inspired techno from the likes of Creta Kano, Myriadd and more. Here, Dutch artist Antenna brings three pieces of deep, uplifting grooves and retro flavour. ‘Rain and Thunder’ is a particularly dramatic, textured piece of dance music, balancing a new wave synth line with beautifully evolving percussive patterns.

Preview the rest of the release here.

Route 8 - I Can’t

LT004. After dropping the amazing Eleda EP on Greek label Nous, Budapest’s Route 8 returns with a new 12” of textured house experimentation. The Dry Thoughts EP is out now on upstart UK label Lobster Theremin. Lead track ‘I Can’t’ sees moody pads swirling around stunning drum programming. Starting with the unbelievable Equation EP by Palms Trax from last fall, the label has began with a very impressive string of releases. 

Video by Hurfyd.

NGLY - Service Cost HH2

LIES 19.5. Forthcoming L.I.E.S. white label, following now iconic 12”s from Bookworms, Terekke and Florian Kupfer. Berlin’s NGLY brings this rolling techno hybrid, just unstoppable once it gains steam with those crushed hi-hats. This one feels like a return to roots of sorts for Ron Morelli’s label. Also, be sure to check out NGLY’s amazing recent contribution to the shadowy Russian Torrent Versions imprint.

Anthony Naples - Perro

Real nice to see another Anthony Naples release on the Trilogy Tapes, home of the unbelievable El Portal EP from last year. The label helmed by Will Bankhead is arguably the most exciting on the planet at the moment. ‘Perro’ is an extended piece of deep grooves, along the lines of Naples’ recent compositions on his own Proibito label. The new EP is forthcoming in May.