Thrust - Do You Understand? (Scam Remix)

This dusty boom bap classic was released back in 1996 on Toronto label Knowledge of Self. The city was home to one of the most underrated mid 90’s hip hop scenes, with artists such as Citizen Kane and Thrust garnering considerable attention within the American underground at the time. Thrust, with his Pharoah Monch esque cadence and wordplay was one of the most skilled Canadian MCs of that era. Most of the vinyl releases from the time are currently quite rare.

House of Doors - The Dolphin Hotel Affair Vol. 1

MH005. House of Doors lifts off from his essential split 12” on Future Times to deliver this elevated fifth release for venerated Vancouver label Mood Hut. Building on very strong 12”s from Aquarian Foundation and Pender Street Steppers, this latest record emanates confidence that the label should rightly have at this point. Each Mood Hut release manages to look both back and forward in its own unique way, coming together to capture a sound that so nicely embodies West Coast lifestyle.

All three tracks here reach real deep, culminating with ’Moesha’, the hazed out, ‘Boy Is Mine’ sampling B side. A side ‘Filter Feelings’ gets things going on the floor with its moody bassline and grainy shakers. Final track ‘Frakincence’ evokes images of beach fires and crashing waves during memorable summer nights on the Pacific coast. This one will be given major summer rotation. Crucial release!

Combine - Irons

Serious techno from Vancouver duo Combine. From IYT001, the first release on local label It’s Your Turn. Limited vinyl run of 100. Don’t sleep on this one. The flipside track is also amazing.

Pender Street Steppers - MH004

Great new release from Vancouver label/crew Mood Hut, who have been making major waves of late, with releases on prominent labels such as Future Times, PPU and Proibito. Their sound has crystallized as a particularly positive, uplifting brand of organic house music, with emphasis on their crew. This record is the labels fourth, after about a year of tape releases. Pender Street Steppers are also coming off a performance at last years New Forms Festival. Third track ‘Temple Walk’ sounds particularly great here. This one will be ‘comin’ out valentines day on round disc format’.

Nick Wisdom - Snoopin’ Pt. 2 (feat. Eli Muro)

Amazingly smooth, cosmic track off yet another super solid release from Nick Wisdom. Released on the Missus Peel LP, out on local Vancouver label Jellyfish Recordings. Nick recently moved to Montreal and this is his 4th release. The album is a collection of jazzy synth-filled instrumentals and also features collaborations with rappers Moka Only, Solar Scenery & Jon Rogers, and fellow Montreal producer Pomo.  You can get this and the the rest of the tracks free via Bandcamp

Passed on this one after a quick first listen. My mistake! Cant get enough. Sabota is a collaborative project between Robbie Slade (of Humans) and Max Ulis. The full album is being released on Hybridity, Jan 27th.

Confident lofi hip hop from the rapper Young Braised. From the Japanese Tendencies EP, out today on the already amazing 1080p label. Mastered in Vancouver’s Mood Hut, this release is a very important one for the city. The album is entirely produced by Terio outta Japan.

Check out the whole release here.

Vancouver’s 8prn dropped his newest EP last week - it’s entitled Cunha. All three tracks on it are unbelievable and demand attention. There’s sure to be big things on the horizon here. 

>Download the EP for FREE<

Mosey slays! His soundcloud is riddled with post-able tracks. He produced Sippin on Sapporo ft. Young Braised. You should know that track! If you don’t…Know it! Both Mosey and Braised are Vancouver! 

Stole this from the most recent Headspace mix. Mix is full of gems!! Headspace is also Vancouver!

Outkast - Roses (8prn remix)

Awesome new remix from Vancouvers 8prn. Part of the chapel sound crew.

No, thats not hip vowel removal. 8porn is not how you say that! The name 8prn is taken from the identification numbers of a ship that Patrick Holland(8prn) worked on..